Discovering your Tarot Birth Card

Tarot Birth Card

Have you ever been curious about your tarot birth card? In this article we aim to answer questions such as: what tarot card am I born under and what is my tarot card? We’ll take your through the necessary steps to not only discover your birth card/birth tarot but we’ll also provide you with a brief overview of each of their meanings.

Setting up the Reading

To start with, we need your tarot card birthday number. For this example, let’s use the birth date December 16, 1961. So the numbers from this date are 12, 16 and 1961. We need to reduce all of these three numbers to single digits so we combine the digits of each number: 12 becomes 3 (12+1=3), 16 becomes 7(1+6=7) and 1961 becomes 17(1+9+6+1=17). 17 needs to be reduced again as it’s still not a single digit.

This gives us 8(1+7=8). So we now have 3, 7 and 8. We combined these numbers to get 18. At this stage, if your number is higher than 22 then you need to reduce it until it isn’t.

Preparing the Cards

The second thing you need to do is to acquire a tarot card deck. You then need to separate the major arcana cards from the rest of the deck (there are 22 of these and they are the face cards, not the suit cards). Each card then needs to be given a numerical value which we have provided below. Simply match your number to the card. Just remember that the descriptions for these tarot birth cards are to be used as guidelines only.

The Magician (1)

Those with this birthday tarot card are driven, determined and won’t let any obstacle stand in your way. You can be incredibly persuasive but only through using these powers for good can you help make the world a better place.

The High Priestess (2)

If you have this tarot birth card, you hope to solve the mysteries of the world and with your drive for knowledge; it’s certainly possible that you will. Just be careful that your trusting nature isn’t taken advantage of.

The Empress (3)

You are incredibly caring and passionate, especially towards those that you love or any idea you’re invested in. However, you can sometimes act a bit privileged and deserving.

The Emperor (4)

You’re a naturally gifted leader which is partly due to the high levels of discipline you expect from yourself. Once you set your mind to something, you don’t stop until you achieve it.

The Hierophant (5)

This tarot birth card means that you’re are a seeker of knowledge. You may not be book smart but you will always explore different opinions from your own or ideas that seem unconventional.

The Lovers (6)

You’re a balanced individual which means that you often struggle when making decision. Your life will be a series of choices and you’ll often wonder if you made the right one. No matter what you choose, you’ll lead an exciting life.

The Chariot (7)

Impulsive isn’t your middle name…but it may as well be. You don’t think twice before making a decision. While there will negative outcomes, you’ll experience and accomplish incredible things that others will miss by over-thinking.


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Strength (8)

This card doesn’t represent your physical strength but rather your spiritual strength. You’ll be able to find calm in any storm as your mind and spirit are deeply connected and able to see the light in any situation, making the world a much brighter place for you.

The Hermit (9)

You get itchy feet on a regular basis. You struggle to consider anywhere your permanent home, instead viewing the world as one large playground. New experiences are what drive you.

The Wheel of Fortune (10)

Luck is something you have a lot of and as you live your life, you’ll be amazed by how many coincidences appear to lead to favorable outcomes.

Justice (11)

If an aspect of the world is unjust then you’ll be driven to correct it. This path is both a gift and a curse. You’ll feel a great sense of purpose and accomplishment but each deed seems to lead to another two.

The Hanged Man (12)

People will often judge you for your actions but little do they know that what you’re hoping to accomplish is for the greater good.

Death (13)

This birth tarot card mean you are like the phoenix: you are reborn. You are quite happy to abandon old traditions in favor of new ones. Sticking to the status quo is pointless, as far as you are concerned.

Temperance (14)

This tarot birth card represents balance. You will often push the limits of an aspect of your life but you’ll know not to cross that limit and you’ll master returning it to a balanced state.

The Devil (15)

You are a free spirit and don’t like anyone deciding your fate. This card suggests that your destiny is wide open and only you can choose which direction it goes in.

The Tower (16)

There will be many ups and downs throughout your life but it’s important to remember that these states are temporary. If something negative happens, something equally as positive will also transpire.

The Star (17)

This tarot birth card suggests that your hope will guide you in the right direction. If you believe that things will work out, then they probably will.

The Moon (18)

You can be too trusting and so you need to explore every suggestion and idea thoroughly before making any decision.

The Sun (19)

The Sun tarot birth card reflects your personality i.e. your sunny disposition. You give off a bright light and you’re full of energy which impacts those around you.

Judgement (20)

You are known for holding grudges but only through letting these go can you begin to find the peace that you seek.

The World (21)

The key to your happiness is the world: serving all the people and creatures that live on it but also taking care of the planet itself.

The Fool (22)

You are known for making poor decision and unless you start taking more time to consider the outcomes of your actions, you’ll continue to do so. 

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