The Lovers Tarot card: positive or negative?


The Lovers tarot card will bring to the mind of non-initiates the image of love due to its name. It is of course love in all its glory but not just that. Far from it...

Representation of the Lovers in the Tarot of Marseille

The Lovers card depicts 4 characters:

  • in the center, a young blond man firmly standing on his bare feet is surrounded by two women.
  • on his left, a blond woman has her hand placed on the heart of this man while her other hand goes in the opposite direction, towards herself, at the level of her genitalia.
  • on his right, a woman with blue hair covered by a yellow crown seems to be more austere. One might think she is the mother.
  • above the main character lies Cupid, his arrow pointing at the blond-haired couple.

The Lovers card is more ambiguous than you might think

It can be noticed that the colors of the rays surrounding Cupid are the same as the ones that appear on the man’s clothes. Would a wedding proposal be taking place? Maybe.

But marriage implies faithfulness, commitment, and therefore relinquishment. Because when you love someone, you implicitly or explicitly relinquish everybody else.

This is why the Lovers card is harder to comprehend than it may seem. The fact that there are 3 characters, in addition to Cupid, implies this choice.

The Lovers of the Tarot of Marseille must make a choice, a tough one because there are bonds between the man and the women, but their relations are different.

The man holds the pretty blond girl around the waist, which shows there is a carnal relation between them, while he only looks at the other woman, the one that lays her hands on him. This tarot arcanum can, therefore, be interpreted as a choice between:

  • ease and virtue,
  • what’s carnal and spiritual


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In a Tarot draw, The Lovers sometimes embodies Love; but it is most of all the card of someone who hesitates to commit themselves, perpetually shillyshallying between the present and the future.
The Lovers is the card of hesitation, of the choice to make, but also of associations.
We are brought face to face with it every time we have to choose which way to go: either in a safe and well-known direction or an unknown one but much more filled with opportunities for openness and fulfillment.
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